Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gone in 60 seconds

List of things that have been tossed out of our second-floor apartment window over the last few days by Sonny Boy :
1. Brand new blue baby-friendly fork
2. Stacking barrels
3. All sorts of packing material
4. Today he tried throwing out the ketchup bottle (stopped him in time)
5. He almost threw out the house keys (stopped him in time)
6. Husband's Old Spice after shave and powder
7. My chapati-wrapping foil

8. Souvenir fridge magnet
9. His favourite green plastic ball
Things Sonny's been emptying on the floor, all bottles and cups, bottoms up
1. Water (everyday from my bottle)
2. A whole bottle of moisturiser on my silk cushion cover :-(
3. My MIL's homemade groundnut chutney sent across hundreds of kilometres (couldn't save it)
4. Salt from the jar on the table (a few spoons every day)
5. Today morning, my lunch box full of curd rice (stopped him in the nick of time).
What is it with kids this age and wanting to throw things out the window, spill it on the floor?
Uncontrollable desire to destruct?
Joy of seeing mommy erupt like a volcano after she comes running faster than most athletes from the kitchen?
I can't figure it out.
And it's annoying, keeping an eye on him always and trying to guess what he's going to attack next.
Next I'll have to put a net across the windows -- what all must one do to tackle these phases?
Or, just sit back and watch
In the hope that tomorrow (or as soon as that) he will be a different person.


Garima said...

Haha... Love the title: Gone in 60 seconds!

Oh well, look at it as a way of excercise.. naah.. its annoying I can tell... Its a phase. :-) Or so i have been telling myself...

Aparna said...

Hmmm.. apparently having nets on the windows has been a deterrent in this area in our household! Thanks for the warning though :).

"Running like an athlete from the kitchen" -- LOL - this brought on image of various rush-worthy situations!