Friday, February 18, 2011

After all that talk yesterday, now I HAVE TO BE INDEPENDENT

How life can change in a split second!
How views can change in a day.

Today morning the nanny/cook decided that from March 1 she can't come.
She had left her children with her parents back in the village and now the parents want her to take her children back! So she has her own kids to look after here, so she won't be able to work.

Ok perfect.
So there I am, back to square one.
This time I will cook, and there is going to be no more nannies. I'm going to be everything rolled into one. At least, I'll give it one horribly good shot....
Sonny Boy better just grow up. I better just grow up.
My parents better just get young.....aaaargh


Uma said...

OMG!..i was jus about to comment on your previous post..and here is a whole new twist to the tale..hmm..sounds bad.. are the best judge of your situation and i dont want to rub salt into your wounds but i feel maybe you can try out a day care instead of a nanny. that way atleast you wont be dealing with bunking issues. about cooking, i cant advise much coz even i dont really look forward it but i do it nevertheless..sigh!
I sure hope you get a solution that suits you..
all the best..

Nidhi said...

all the very best.. i know how it feels.. gone through this.. :(
cheer up.. :)

Aparna said...

Uh-OH...some roller-coaster ride this is! Agree with the previous commenter Uma abt trying a daycare instead of nanny. Cooking - if you don't get another one, just simplify simplify simplify. You know you don't have to cook an entire elaborate meal everyday. No-cook breakfast in the mornings (bread/oats/cereal), eat lunch at office and cook something really simple for dinner (one-dish wonders!).
All the best. I'm sure it will work out soon.

Garima said...

Oh No..... so I have to agree with Aparna, thats just bad luck with Nannies....

Ok. One very high recommendation- If at all possible, cook over weekend for the week and freeze/ stock in fridge. I know it does not sound really good.. but it will save you tonnes of everyday time to do other things. I know a lot of our friends in US, do that and swear by it.

May be that washing machine sounds good now?
Big Hugs.... . spoke to mym mom about her maid stuff.. she recommended going to those agencies which send maids home.. some times you might get lucky.- Let me know if you need contact info of one such aagnecy, i can check with my mom

Aparna said...

oh you poor dear.. was just thinking reading your previous one that you can take a breather but it wasn't to last :(..

I'm sure the right combination will work out soon.. hang in there!

Forever mother said...

My dear dear friend mommies
Thanks for all your help, support and suggestions.

Day care -- I am checking some out, though my parents are protesting vehemently -- they're almost insulted that I'm considering one!

Cooking -- Hmmmm I have to figure out something. Hubby is traditional breakfast person -- wont even touch a dosa/idli if there is no coconut chutney! hehehe hopefully will get someone to cut veggies and make rotis if not do whole cooking.

Agencies -- I've tried one before, my friends have tried them before -- all unhappy experiences. For the kind of money u pay, the kind of service is unacceptable. Hey Garima, ur mommy's in Blore?? I din't know. Thanks a ton for ur offer..will ask if i need numbers Muah Muah!

And yes, now the nanny/cook (she sounds nuts to me) is wanting to stay back "for a few more days", but i've lost trust in her -- don't know when she'll say finally say goodbye.