Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feeling abandoned....the curse of the maid?

My mind is blank but a thousand rabbit (and rabid) thoughts are hopping off in different directions. The doom hath descended.

I fired my maid of 2.5 years finally yesterday because she was walking in too late every day. And bunking regularly. I had given her a month's notice -- on Jan 1 I told her she stays only this month. She didn't take me seriously. I fired her with confidence because I'd fixed up with another maid who agreed to come three hours earlier. Today morning she didn't turn up. She's making her school-going son take calls on her mobile and say random things. Which means she's not coming.

My father has blasted my cook-cum-nanny for having stolen rechargeable batteries from his home! She called last night to say she's not coming to work anymore. I need to speak to her and dad, both of whom were fuming yesterday, and both of whom I have left alone to cool down for a day, before they have their say.

So I woke up to a effing-beautiful morning, burnt the toast and overboiled the tea. It's a shameful life because I'm helpless without my maid, nanny and cook -- all gone together.
It must be the curse of the maid.


Garima said...

Ouch ouch ouch......!!!
Chin up!!!
And FRi- Burnt Toast = Crunchy bread
Over Boiled Tea = Strong Tea! So
I can still come over and enjoy the breakfast.. just the way I like it.


Aparna said...

Aiyo! That's real talent you got girl - to lose all three employees at the same time!!!
OK I know that wasn't a helpful comment AT ALL :)
So - damage control? Have you hired someone/interviewed prospects? Good luck!

Rama said...


Not in town? No new posts?????