Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally some green...my attempt at "gardening"...pictures

I've been very excited about balcony gardening  and trying to grow plants in the teeny-weenie utility balcony at the back of the house and the small porch in the front of our door where the shoe rack and newspapers are.

Started out with a tulsi (courtesy: mom-in-law) and the hardy money plant. Both are alive and kicking.
There's also calendula, balsam, ferns, and some crotons (I think...need to figure out). There's also a mini jade growing in water. Not too sure it's douing too well. Waitinga and watching that one.

I gave in to temptation and bought a small bougainvillea, yet to be shifted to a large pot but sitting at our home entrance now.

I've also tried growing one croton completely in just water,in a glass vase  what's called hydrophonic gardening. I just change the water once a week, top up if the levels fall, and wash the leaves gently with water once a week. It's been around over two months now -- I'm proud to report its got water roots! It's also sprouted a new baby branch -- a good sign which means this one is growing!

So that's the plant in the glass vase in the first picture, and below are the plant's roots. The tiny little branch in the centre is the newborn. Yipeeeeeee

That's a pot of ferns that a colleague's mom gifted. Again, the intense heat of the balcony burnt some of them. But, new ones are sprouting ever since I shifted it to the front porch, so there's hope...

Ok so i BOUGHT a bougainvillea. Not a done thing in gardening...you must try and grow your own. But this one's a difficult guy to grow so I used the shortcut. Hope I don't kill it.

This is the kind of hedge plant that seems to be grown everywhere..specially parks. So you know where I snipped this one from...;-) Trying to see if it'll settle down and "grow" in the stone vase

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Aparna said...

Very very nice :).. I love the concept of growing plants, but once I get into it, I can never be consistent plus I have no belief in my green thumb. Have someone to water plants for me, so they are surviving thankfully.

If you feel like going crazy over balcony gardens check out http://www.mysunnybalcony.com - they're on Facebook too, their updates are really difficult to resist.