Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Sonny's LKG admission done!

A quick post to say Hurraaaayyyy!
Sonny Boy is in! He's got admission in this one school I tried in.

Yeah, I know i gambled. But...what the hell!
I know I've ranted at length about this "education" worry  on my blog before when i posted Why Do We Parents Worry So Much About Our Children's Education?,  and then Admission Admission: I Didn't Do It... so this is where it conclusively concludes....for now!

The school is:
1. About half a kilometre from our place, as well as my parents' - sort of mid way between the two homes.
2. It's an SSLC syllabus-based school.
3. It's one of those old-fashioned schools -- no word "international" tucked in between ;-) So the fees doesn't give me a heart attack either; in fact it's super-reasonable and there are no deposits/donations.
4. It's in the heart of north Bangalore and it actually has a playground!
5. There's no worry of transport to school -- we can walk him or drop him off easily. Also means no transport costs.
6. The timings suits my lazy self and my work schedule -- it's 12 to 4.30 for LKG and they'll be graduating to a more "normal" morning schedule in UKG. Hope that works for the poor dear who loves to nap in the afternoon -- keeping my fingers crossed.

We had the "formal meeting" today with the Principal -- very sweet it was. They only asked Sonny one question -- "what is your name?" which he promptly and predictably didn't answer. They gave him a cchocolate and let him be after that reticent silence. They asked hubby and me a few questions about work, if we travel a lot on work, who takes care of the kid then, which playschool is he going to now etc. That was it. They also figured that some of my cousins had been to their school, many years ago. Some familiarity established. One of the interviewers, I guess the vice-principal, lives near my mom's place. More familiarity established. They handed us a slip with the his name and the word "admitted". SIMPLE. Done. In fact it was so fast, I still can't accept it.

So my worrying self is back to worrying....did i do right?


Aparna said...

Congrats !!! And don't worry about simple being too simple, it's better when things work out easily rather than having to labour through like so many things nowadays :).

Walking to school, now I'm really jealous about that ! Great way to start off school life for your kiddo :). I am also a firm believer that first schools should be close to home!

Garima said...

Wohooooooooooooo... Woot WOot. Congratulations!

Sahana Rao said...

Oh myy.. I am getting scared for my future days! What an update that was!
I loved the way u put in points.

Aparna said...

Congratulations!!!!! One big worry over? Err...tho you are still worrying.....??!!! :)
This school sounds super-nice. Ah, this is what LKG admissions must have been like in the good ol days!! Stress-free and simple. Glad you got in without fuss, as long as you are happy with whatever you've seen of the school, I am sure sonny boy will do just fine there.

Uma said...

ha! one headache done! I am beginning with the first one-the playschool.
Good that you found the one that met your requirements..don't worry you're doing fine..:-)