Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mindgames: Why do you crave more when you want to diet?

I'm typing this all out now because I want to get over my current/instantaneous craving for chocolate. Yes, I drank water already to stave off that sweet pang. Didn't work.
Yes, I've started on a diet. No, not one of those diets where you don't eat anything. I'm just about 5 feet tall and I weigh 66 kg. BAD NEWS on the BMI scale :-(

*I'm trying...and that's the keyword...TRYING ...to resist sweets and fried food. I give in every day -- but instead of eating one sweet I eat half. Instead of eating an entire vada, I take a bite and stop. If I don't eat even this, I'll have withdrawal symptoms)

*I'm trying to eat more salad at lunch AND dinner. (I had shrewdly skipped my salad routine a few weeks ago).

*I'm trying to eat smaller portions than I have been eating -- not dramatically less...just about 20 per cent lesser to begin with.

*I'm trying to eat dinner as early as I possibly can.

**I need to exercise too. That's something I must get around to. FAST. Yoga yoga yoga

But the very thought that I'm eating less is making me crave for more.
OK :-( Just when I was craving it, a young colleague came by with a KITKAT bar all peeled open. She held it out for me and I took a bite -- a teeny weeny bite -- but a bite alright! That's how strong my resolve is -- i just ate chocolate even as I wrote out this post waaaaaah.

Oh lord hellllppppp


Aparna said...

now you are making me crave some chocolate :) your strategy seems good, don't stop eating yummy stuff, just eat a lot less. And yes, yoga!!! good luck :)))

Garima said...

join the club.......:-) I have a very similar issue whenever I want to diet.. i have come up to this conclusion... io gain more weight when I diet.. since as soon as I loose a couple of pounds.. i over-indulge.. catch 22 i tell you!

Forever mother said...

Hey Aparna and Garima
Thanks for the encouragement.
It's tough, but I'm going to do it this time.
Starting small and hoping to keep it on.

Aparna said...

Oh wow been there done that.. or rather still there.. still trying to do that ;).. All the best!!

Diwali is the worst time isn't it.. I finished one large batch of chocolates and told myself "atlast i can start avoiding chocs for a while" only to receive another "late" batch of diwali chocolates !! Worst part of being a SAHM and having this stuff under your nose all the time :(.