Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm bad, I'm bad

Bad bad bad day

*Sonny Boy unwell again. After one-and-half weeks of antibiotics, he was back with a hacking cough. Three more days of medication, another trip to doc, another change of medic. Blore weather sucks.

*Hubby dear travelling

*Nanny on leave for over three weeks and no sign of her return till next week

*Favourite aunt in hospital and I have not been able to go see her

*Mom and dad tired of Sonny and his irrepressible ways

*No leave at workplace

*Run out of vegetables; only found carrots today

*No salad, so straying away from diet :-( boohooo

*Toilet flush not working, hand faucet leaking...again. Aren't there any good plumbers around anymore?

*I suck at time management


Garima said...

Its just all the things at one time... with the stress it does get hard and harder to manage it. You are not alone.. trust me on that one!

Take a deep breath!

Hopefully kiddo will feel better soon.

Aparna said...

Hang in there dear ! Sounds bad but it'll get better soon - hopefully the weather in Bangalore too.
Started nebulizing for my son cos of the weather and his tendency to start wheezing :(.

Aparna said...

Uh-OH!! Not good! I saw this post a little late...any improvement in the last couple of days? :)) It never rains but it pours huh? Hang in there, it's all uphill from here!