Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick update -- tonsilitis and more tonsilitis...and some gardening

I've been saying the same things over and over and over again. Cribbing around in circles. There's some sort of horrible status quo to life.
So decided against blogging for some time. Or I'll be like a stuck tape recorder ....saying the same things all over again.

But still, for the record, BEEN BUZZZZYYYYYY

1. Hubby's been travelling like a maniac
2. Sonny's been behaving like a maniac. He sleep-talks like a pro and keeps me awake most of the night.
3. Was busy nursing Sonny who had yet another bout of tonsilitis, which almost lasted a week.
4. From today have to nurse myself. I've got tonilitis from him. Hahahahahaha. There's puss winding its way down my throat.
5. Been bitten by the green bug, so have a green thumb. Gardening's baby steps being taken. I've killed some plants already. And I have only one two-feet wide balcony to dunk plants in -- that too in the "utility" balcony.
6. Trying to cook. Cooking. Success, yes. But I take SOOOO LOOOONG in the kitchen. Ummm... cutting veggies other than tomatoes, potatoes and onions for the first time in my life. Making chapatis like a pro. Running to Mom's on the way to work to pick up a dabba of curd rice every now and then!
7. Scouring the net like a maniac for a wooden sideboard for my drawing room to dump all of Sonny's mess of toys and books in. We broke the wicker basket that held it all.


Garima said...

Progress I say... wow Curd Rice.. I am craving it now!

Write more often! Come on!

Aparna said...

Hey there - Good luck on the cooking adventures - can be fun sometimes :).

And "same pinch" on the tonsilitis - atleast that's what I think i have - doc said if it doesn't clear up with the first batch of antibiotics to come back and re-check, and here I go again with throat pain even after the entire course :(.

Sorry about cribbing in your comments - but I am so relating to your mood - been in the same one all month it seems like!