Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sonny Boy's travelling itch

So Sonny's done it again.
He went to Hubby's hometown on his own, with just his pappa as travel partner.
This is his second time in less than two months. I'm proud of him and the Pappa.
But it's also the beginnngs of the "I'll cut the strings and run" syndrome that our kids are sure to be prone to as they grow up.
He seemed so happy yesterday telling me he had fun without me, and will soon do it again! The little rascal hah!
Of course he's come back this time, not with the usual cold and loosies, but some sort of allergic rashes. Little pimply specs all over his arms and legs. If it doenst subside by tonight with anti-allergic syrup and a calamine lotion to contain the itch, it's back to the doc tomorrow :-(

In the meanwhile I've managed to clean parts of the home while he dad-and-son were gone, visit an ailing friend in hospital, buy new ceramic plant holders for the home, increase my collection of plants outside the door, buy myself two new pairs of shoes, take my parents out to lunch, READ, READ READ, call up cousins and friends and chat, upload photographs .....aaah so much done, so much more that could have been done.

Work has been getting worse by the day. Cooking, gardening and planning for my SIX MEALS A DAY -- all that's been taking up time.


Uma said...

hey! so nice to have you blog on this site after loong...
savour the "me time"...
Hoping to hear from you...

Aparna said...

Hey there again (just left a comment on your other blog as well :)),

Wow for sonny boy - and great that you also seem to have got so much stuff done :). Noted the shoes - makes me feel less guilty about my shoe enthuasiasms when I hear others mention something similar ;)!

Garima said...

Nice nice.... i need to loosen the string.. I just cant fathom an overnight away from her..