Monday, May 2, 2011

Started another blog... my weight loss attempts

I suddenly realised, after I started a new blog that I'm just some 10 days from the fisrt anniversary of this blog!

I've been travelling again (yes I left Sonny Boy again with my parents to travel on work for two days) and thinking a lot with the time on hand. I've decided to do something about my health in a positive direction. Staring with a decent amount of food control, exercise and hopefully some weight loss. And in the long run I hope I get healthier.

Dedcided to start a new blog for it as I didn't want to mix things up with this blog.
So here's the link -- I've not done much with it yet. Hope the blogging keeps me motivated to stay on track this time at least.


Uma said...

advance congrats on completing a successful year of blogging...
hoping to hear more and often from you..

Jay said...

Congats on the first year of blogging. You would be surpised how many people give up after just one or two posts.

Sea Veg said...

Great stuff!!!.