Thursday, June 2, 2011

I had one of THOSE days. It was beautiful

I watched a French movie last night about four Jewish women trying to find love in Paris.
I slept like a log (touch wood) and woke up at 8 a.m.
I woke up to a terribly quiet house today.
I read the whole newspaper (almost) on the potty today
I actually did yoga for almost 45 mins with no interruptions (except when the dhobi came to pick up clothes).
I actually gardened for about 20 mins flat!
I lugged in the new cooking gas cylinder the delivery man had left at the door!
I paid the newspaper delivery man
I didn't cook breakfast, lunch or dinner...just ate some toasted bread
I cleaned the drawing hall, changed the diwan covers
I listened to songs on the radio while working around the house (here's a pix of one of my latest projects -- trying to pair my gardening attempts with refurbishing and revamping my great-grandfather's old hat stand/coat hanger)

I spotted two red-whiskered bulbuls on the neighbour's coconut tree
I actually had a hairwash without anyone knocking on the bathroom door
I picked up lunch on the way to work from my mom's.
WOW I loved my day till this far...afterwards it was work as usual.....

I relished my morning ....yes, that would describe it so perfectly.
Sonny Boy is really growing up. Sometimes i feel sad that he's probably "growing away" also pretty soon. I missed him so much since last night. It was too quiet...but still, it was  quietness I miss from my earlier days.
With the hubby travelling and Sonny deciding to stay with grandpa yet again last night, it was MY day.
Yeah, I'm sounding selfish, all over again.
Yeah, I know, there are many raised eyebrows that I'm getting "too much time" for myself these days (any guesses who's raising the eyebrow?! ;-)
But there's no such thing as too much time for yourself.
Because when we women do get time for "ourselves" we don't run to have a massage or pedicure. We clean the home, prep it up, do things for family.
That's how we are. Because when we go to a salon or parlour, we'll feel GUILTY that we spent so much time on ourselves. The irony of our lives!


Uma said...

WOW..WOW...and WOW...I could actually imagine you doing all of the above leisurely and enjoying it...and you are NOT selfish in enjoying!
Loved the the coat hanger too..nice corner there...

Spicy Sweet said...

That is a LUXURIOUS life for a mother. (In terms of time)

Time just flies. Has both positives and negatives.

Garima said...

I am with you... 'me time' = making things better.. adn enjoying the process withour disctractions!

all fo ryou to enjoy girl...

Forever mother said...

Dear Uma, Spicy Sweet and Garima
Thanks a ton for your support on wanting to "enjoy" ;-)
Really, such days are so few and far apart, that when it actually happens, I go mad trying to think about all the things I can squeeze into such's a mad rush to be me...which is sad...

Gowthami said...


beautiful day..

I feel always blessed to be a woman(a girl wateva)!

njoyd my presence here and yes m following u..

hope u'll visit my space too..

Shai said...

@Forever mother ...Njoyed reading your blog

Aparna said...

So wonderful that you got some time for yourself!!!! Hope u manage to get more days like this! Btw the coat hanger looks AWESOME. So true what you said about women doing things for the family when they get some me-time.