Friday, June 24, 2011

A celebration of my child and my motherhood

Wow! I'm inching towards 100 posts...and to think that a few days after I started this blog, I had that oh-my-God-what-will-i-write-here-everyday-moment!

I decided today I will NOT do what I always do on this blog -- crib, complain and whine.

Instead I will celebrate the reason for this blog -- Sonny Boy and motherhood -- two things that sent my life, body, being, existence into a tizzy, and have after a point become one inseparable blob.

After another month, Sonny Boy turns three. And as much as I, a mean mother, paint a picture of him as being this little terror, he's really not. Well, not always ;-) Here are things about him at this stage that I've observed, and mostly love :-)

*He's got the sweetest smile ever -- something I'd like to believe he inherited from me.

*He's right now on a "story high" -- voraciously flipping through books, telling himself stories, concocting stories for us, constantly badgering us to tell him stories (without looking in the book, he warns!), or sometimes insisting on being read to, in English, and asking for word meanings in Kannada. His hot favourite story is "The Billy Goats Gruff", (I think Ladybird reader series), which only last night he, me and my parents had to enact, with his directions! Of course I get to play the troll (Rakshasa in his understanding) because I have that laugh!

*He talks endlessly and LOUDLY (is is something to do with their generation? he almost screams, he just can't talk soft!). (I'm not cribbing, just amused)

* He's started humming and singing to himself as he plays, or talks to himself, something that amuses us all to no end.

*He's told me I talk too much!

*He's comfy staying overnight with my parents (or rather my dad), and does it every time Hubby travels, which is turning out to be pretty often. He's also Ok with travelling to Hubby's parents' town and staying there with daddy -- that's a lot of growing up he's done this year.

*He challenges my creativity -- what can we do next is constantly on his mind -- so I go back from work to dribble the ball with him in my parents' garden, put together five or six jigsaw puzzles, then off home for dinner, then more games, building blocks, colouring, read storybook "Polar bear polar bear what do you hear? in bed, and THEN, sleep! God give me strength, energy and patience to deal with him.

*My levels of patience have definitely gone up a few hundred notches, though I admit, I still have a loooong way to go.

*He loves playing "homeopathy doctor" at home, dishing out "sugar pills" to us patients and telling us the rules we must follow when taking the medicine.

*His questions these days -- how does the mosquito suck blood? , how does the fan get switched on?, where does the water in the tap come from?, where does food go after it enters our mouth....these are answers I can tell in my sleep now, because I must've told them at least 20 times over.

*He's beginning to pick up some English while talking (otherwise restricted to rhymes and starting stories with 'Once upon a time'). An the smatterings of English in between Kannada is really fun to listen to. He also sings copious amounts of rhymes in Hindi, a hot favourite being "Saari duniya gol gol" as the playschool is teaching them concepts of the circle.

*He decides what he's going to have for dinner...and of course changes his choice midway!

*He loves the story of "Hanuman: The Monkey God" as he says it, repeating it for effect, and I guess this book is from the stables of Amar Chitra Katha. He has this story read to him at least once a day.

*He stumped me by showing interest, and in actually doing and completed three pieces of coloured sand art -- you know the DIY kinds where you sprinkle this coloured sand on sticky paper with a numbered design... out emerges a colourful bee, a butterfly or snail.

*I love the cuddling and snuggling soon after he wakes up, I love the way he reminds me every night to keep  the milk coupon and bag outside, I love the way he asks if we are all "real"!!!!

*I love the way he tries to soothe me if I'm in pain, rubs my tum and tells me I'll be ok soon. I really get ok instantly with that innocent reassurance.

* I love the way he brokers deals and puts conditions -- ending most of his propositions with "Ok naa?" (Is it ok?) I love his enthusiasm for putting up the mosquito net every night.

* I love the way he's decided he can make his own decisions -- what he will wear to school, what he wants in his lunchbox (he's pretty reasonable), how much he will eat, when he wants an eggroll for dinner, that he will participate with dad in Sunday pooja and be the bell-ringer during aarti, that I must go home while he stays with my parents, I love the way he asks if the maid and nanny have been given their breakfast, Oh god...I love him.

Hmmm.....about this post celebrating my motherhood, I'll do it another time I guess. I'm exhausted now ;-)


Uma said...

Oh!!!...totally loved this post!
SWEEEEEEEEEEET... is the word...
loved all the sweet things sonny boy does..please give him a big hug and kiss from my side...
happy motherhood!

Aparna said...

I've tagged u in one of my posts. Do post if possible :)

Aparna said...

Wow 100 posts - nice milestone Forever Mother !

This one brought so many smiles and oohs and aahs as I was reading :).. To many more moments like these to remind us of the joys of being a mom!

Rama said...

Sooooooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!


Forever mother said...

Dear Uma
Thanks :-) I will...i guess I crib so much, anything nice said about Sonny brings about appreciation, huh? Will give him ur hugs and kisses
Dear Aparna,
Thanks for throwing the challenge at me by tagging me. That will be my next post.
Dear Aparna (Apster)
Thanks my love...yes, three cheers to all us mommies (can you hear the wine-filled glasses clink to that toast?! ;-)
Dear Rama
Thanks and where have you been? Or do you just read and slip away? Been busy? You haven't even poked me awake this time when I took a break from blogging...I almost expected you to ...hahahaha.

Garima said...

Such a lovely post.... aaah, totally gushing. My My, he reminds you to put milk stuff out, hehee, that is so cute!

Ok, now let me go back, read it and gush.

in betn, so glad to read that V is not the only one who talks loudly!! ;-)

nisha said...

hi forever mother,
i had never been a blogger... nor an active reader of those... but happened to read a couple of ur posts and i cant tell u how i feel... i guess i'll keep reading.. coz it feels great to know there are other moms who crib too - just like me... wow!! so am not alone :)

Forever mother said...

Hi Nisha
Welcome on board
Hope you come back to read this....sorry for the delay in replying.
There are a lot of moms who crib, just that most don't do it openly, because society teaches us not to and rather frowns down upon those who transgress!
Feel free to vent here and you'll be joined in by a lot of people...thanks for your comments.