Monday, July 18, 2011

Celebrating my 100th post...with a vacation

It feels wonderful to celebrate landmarks. And this, officially, and finally, is my 100th post! (I had counted it wrong earlier hehehehhe).

I was reading some of the first few posts I had written over a year ago, and was thinking, damn, did I write all this? But then, isn't that the point of blogging? To be able to put down in words all that you feel in that moment -- capture your moment, your thoughts -- sometimes it's an instant reaction to a situation, sometimes some long-boiling angst that finally brims over. Sometimes a joy that must be shared, sometimes something you just want to tell the world, or just yourself. It's ironic you can do all these diverse things in one space. There's anonymity, there's companionship and camaraderie. There's a singular line of thought -- yours-- and a collective reading and identifying with -- through others.

I've enjoyed this space much more than I thought I would, made more friends that I ever thought I could on the web, I've said things that would otherwise be harakiri, and gotten away with it. And all this while it's been my little private hidden secret (at least I think it still is, except if office spy ware is blipping every word to the BOSS).

I was away on a week's vacation (almost) and it co-incided with what would be my 100th post. I thought I'll blog leisurely on vacation. But Ma Nature decided it was time for a break -- even from blogging and connectivity etc. This one picture, hopefully will be the picture postcard of my secret vacation spot amidst the mountains and clouds, rolling estates and beautiful skylights.

I took this picture myself, haven't touched it up or anything, so its real light, real beauty, real colours etc. Feeling pretty proud of it. It was the view from the bungalow we stayed in ....aaah to watch the clouds pass by in a tableaux as you sip hot morning tea...that's a vacation. And that's celebration.

I must stop gloating to thank all the people who bother to read my ramblings, all fellow-mums who stop by to share, advise, rant, appreciate, identify and disagree. When I started writing this blog, I was naive about the world of blogs...didn't know so many people really interacted in such a space. I was initially writing more for myself, then a bit of consciousness crept in -- ummm... "someone may be reading, so be responsible about what you say" kind.  It made me feel good about my writing. I've stood exposed sometimes, vindicated on others, and overall it's been a most fruitful experience.

Of course I came back from the mountains and clouds with a thud -- on our return both Sonny Boy and me have been sick as sick can be...but we're slowly boing-ing back into more posts will follow in quicker succession.


Uma said...

Hey congrats on the 100th post! that's quite a milestone..
and the picture is lovely..which place is it?

Aparna said...

NICE!! The shot is so beautiful! Glad you were able to take time off. And hope you and sonny boy get well real soon.

Aparna said...

Hey there :) Great milestone.. And personally I must say that I have really enjoyed your posts - love the way you just put down exactly what you feel in the moment :). Keep at it!

Garima said...

The picture looks amazing... awesome. ANd 100 is the way to go..
Hope Sonny is feeling better now!