Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The birthday blues...not so blue after all

Each year, Sonny Boy's birthday brings on the worries. I know it's hardly the feeling to be associated with birthdays, specially of your child.

But only a mother like me who has an extensive web of relatives and friends living around, and who are more enthusiastic about your son's birthday than you are, (and whose parents pressure her into throwing a party
;-)) -- will know what I mean. And specially an Indian mother who has her child's birthday bang in the middle on the Monsoons, when the party surely gets rained out. And specially so when your own birthday is a few days apart from your child's, and you well, end up slogging on your own birthday :-( because the party inevitably happens a few days after his date...

After last year's experience, I learnt a few lessons.
I also spent a good month wondering what would make Sonny really happy -- I mean what kind of party....
So I ended up throwing two parties!!!!!
One to please my parents and all of Sonny Boy's grandparents/ great-grandparents (he has many!).
Then another one so that he's surrounded by kids and behaves like one! -- This one was for the limited number of friends he has -- apartment kids, my best friend's kid, my nieces and nephews. Of course, my own cousins were on the list too.

We decided
1. No party in a hotel or hired hall, no theme, no magicians, no "activities", no games
2. It has to be indoors (rain can't spoil all the fun, just some!)
3. No extravagant stuff
4. No exotic menu
5. No return gifts (kids these days who come to parties EXPECT  them!)
6. Menu would be good ol' cake-chips-juice-sandwich kind of stuff

Yeah I'm one mean money-saving mum, but damn, have you checked out what birthdays outside the home cost these days?!

Well, we pretty much stuck to the plan and it was fun to see Sonny and the kids hide under the bed and play, dance to rhymes on the DVD...they even opened some presents and played with the toys....
But damn, like every year, I promise myself, yet again, I'm not doing a party next year. :-)


Uma said... happy birthday to the little boy and the mother!!!
totally get your point when you say you don't want to spend a fortune on a birthday party..been there done that for R's first birthday..
first birthdays always puts a pressure to host extravagant parties..but now i'll back off till he is old enough to demand one..:-)

Deepthi said...

Hi forever mother:
I know how much of planing goes into these b'day parties and not to talk about the expenses!! We should have in/house parties which kids love as they are also excited in decorating for their party, I should say my daughter was! never say not to have a party but have a budget party for kids.

Aparna said...

happy birthday to u and sonny boy!!! I love the simple no-fuss parties which are such a rarity nowadays. and kids actually have MORE fun at such parties, i feel. i just read thro ur last years' ....i was exhausted just reading it... :)
wishing u and sonny boy many more lovely birthdays to come.

Garima said...

I will talk to you in a year, I am sure there will be a party happening!!

Hehe, Happy Birthday Sonny Boy

Ri's Mom said...

Haha that's funny :) Nice blog! Looking forward to reading more of your posts :)

Forever mother said...

Dear Uma, Deepthi, Aparna, Garima, Ri's Mom
Soooooooo sorry for this sudden late reply.
And ya, i know.....after all my weeping and cribbing, I'll be at it nce again next year. It must be done isn't it?
Or I'll trip all over myself in guilt again hahahah!