Friday, August 12, 2011

Vegetarian avocado recipe - a simple sandwich spread

I'm really excited. Today's the first time I made something with avacado (butter fruit) at home. It took me five minutes to make, that's the best part of it...

And what a day to make it. It is Varamahalakshmi pooja today. We don't do an elaborate pooja, so I had time on my hands. But this is the fastest thing to make.

A colleague had given me a ripe avacado from her friend's garden. So I couldn't keep it a day longer -- it was RIPE.
I've eaten avacados at restaurants and at friend's places, but never made it myself.
Didn't know it was this simple.

Here's what I did:
1. Halve the avacado
2. Discard the seed and the brown skin around it if it's stuck to the pulp
3. Scoop out the fruit/pulp with a sharp steel spoon
4. I mashed it with the spoon once -- it was easy and smooth
5. Add salt to taste, a pinch of sugar, some fresh ground pepper, finely chopped fresh coriander (kothambri), squeeze in a dash of lime (all this to take away it's slightly bitter after-taste).
You can add mashed green chillies for fire. I didn't because I was hoping to con Sonny Boy into eating it. You can also add in some mashed garlic pods and finely chopped raw onion for crunch (these two elements were a no-no today, it being a festival)
6. I also added some fresh cream (it was around in the fridge), and grated in some cheese - just for effect :-)
7. Spread this on a slice of bread, top it with finely chopped capsicum/green bell pepper and finely chopped ripe tomatoes. You can use any other vegetable/greens of your choice. This is just what I quickly did. I think boiled potato will work well.
8. I sprinkled some more salt
9. I closed it with one more slice of bread, also spread with the avacado mix on the inside
10. Toast it in one of those plug-in electric toasters/sandwich grills

I LOVED THE RESULT. Had a yummy breakfast...with tomato ketchup

I guess you can use your imagination and add anything to the avacado mash -- garam masala, dhania/jeera powder and turmeric, maybe chopped spinach, olives, ajwain....i don't know -- i'm going to try other combos soon

Avacados apparently consist of "good fat", multi-vitamins, specially Vitamin K and folate. It's high calorie, yes, but worth its weight in nutrition too, so it's fine i guess.


Aparna said...

Sounds interesting for sure !! Have never used Avocado before.. so will keep an eye out for them - I suppose they should be available in the Namdhari sort of places.

Garima said...

aaaaaaaaaaah, yumm yumm yumm!

Forever mother said...

eeeeks late response yet again
Yes Aparna (hey u need a profile image to appear along with ur comment ...PLS)
Avocadoes I found at HOPCOMS! quite reasonable. though at namdhari u'll probably get organic ones. don't know for sure.
I made it again, this time adding some basil, thyme and herbs, garlic and it tasted better