Monday, September 6, 2010

Just how how the world do kids know

1. When to trouble mummy -- when she's already troubled most
2. When mummy will give in to the most unreasonable of demands easily
3. That all things unhealthy taste wonderful and one must be open to such foods always, even if you know     how to clam your mouth tight when you see vegetables.
4. When you've changed the diwan sheets because the guests are coming, so they should spill something on it to leave a mark
5. What exactly to say after they've behaved badly to make mummy's heart melt into one gooey motherly mess
6. How to promise that they'll never do something again, only to repeat it within minutes, and still get away with it?
7. That they'll get the toy they want in the shop by saying just the right dialogue with the perfect expression.
8. That mummy is not really sleeping but pretending to, so that THEY sleep fast, and we can go and sneak off to do other things?
9. That the "uncle" and "aunty" on TV are doing "something" that requires them to look up from whatever they are doing and change their tone of talk instantly?
10. That the best way to stop mummy from feeding them any food is to either threaten to vomit, or actually vomit some? But never feel that way when just seconds later, they see chips?
11. That when you want some things badly you'll surely get it from daddy or grandpa when mummy won't give in
12. How to switch off the TV or change channels even before they learn to say they're going to pee
13. That when you say "You can't have this", you don't really mean it
14. Where to find the dust and dirt in your house and put their fingers in it when you think everything's clean
15. That certain antics of their, however often repeated, will make you smile, however terrible a mood you are in
16. Bad words from good, and the impact of negative words on you
17. How to be single minded in the pursuit of anything -- be it an ant or a game of cricket they want -- NOW
18. how to say something is "cute" even before they know what the hell it means
19. what intonations an variations in pitch to use when they are saying certain things even when they are struggling to pronounce most of it?
20. That they can delay going to a place they don't want to go to by saying "potty" just as you are all dressed up and ready to step out.


crabbymommy said...

True, every word of what you've written! They know, they just do!

I can never drink my tea, or eat a meal (well, almost never) without one of the kids wailing or wanting to do potty. Timing, hell they are great at that.

Love your blog and want to say (as they'd say in Harlem..)"hear ya sister!"

Garima said...

Haha... the "kiddie Sense" I am telling you... you are right on the money for all of them..... Laughing hard right now.. and nodding along as I re-read!

Aparna said...

Good ones there !! :)
I use a high chair - one which has a table to hold the kid snug - and have used it to feed both of my kids. It was amazing how they both realized that when most reasons would not move me, the quickest way for me to let them out of it was to say they needed to pee or poop!!

Forever mother said...

Hi Crabbymommy,
Glad to have u on board. Yes, yes, the potty thing is also my son's trademark, so me too can't eat without a potty break. :-)

Dear Garima
Laugh, laugh, but honestly maybe even i will, when i look back at all this stuff i wrote, years later when i read them. hopefully...

Dear Aparna,
Hehehe what do we learn from them everyday? Strategies! My son would try to stand up in the high seat so that the whole thing would get all wobbly and i would have to let him kids