Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend wake up call: rewired bio-clock

I know kids do the wierdest of things. But Sonny Boy stumps me. Or may be I'm just an impossible, hopeless optimist.

Today being a Saturday morning, I thought I would take it a little easy. Hubby doesn't work, Sonny doesn't have playschool and I can get into work late. A little OT on the sleep front would have been good.

But Sonny just KNOWS he has no playschool. His body alarm was set last night when he realised it's a weekend, i guess. (How did he know? Maybe I should cheat next Friday and tell him he has to go to playschool tomotrrow). Anyway, today, he was up a good 40 minutes before the usual wakey time! Waah. And immediately wanted to do potty.

If there's anything I hate more, it's to open my eyes and go fetch his potty. And surprisingly, nothing is more delightful than to have him done with his pooping first thing in the morning, specially before playschool. I think it's a good habit. "Going" first thing in the morning.

Just that it's frustrating because it doesn't happen regularly. Very often he's ready to "go" only after he's all dressed and ready to step out for playschool, shoes, socks n all. AND frustrating because he's the kind of toddler that poops several times a day.

I had been warned that boys are very different with their poop routines and frequencies than girls, but I had brushed it all aside as gender-biased talk. But damn! The grandmothers are always right. Boys do poop very often -- at least Sonny is out to prove that theory.

Or it was the other extreme for a few months where he would not go for many days.

Both situations can be equally frustrating. And to beat it all, I have my grandmother constantly admonishing me for cribbing so much about Sonny's Poop Policy. "He's just a kid. Kids do a lot of kakka, it's good," she'll shake her head and say.

And so it was that Saturday morning shone bright and early. On pre-school going days, I've to shake him up and wake him, cuddle him, mollify him, listen to him answer bleary eyed that "sleep's not over yet". Ya he says that!

Soon after poop time, it was puzzle time! Yay yay yipeee! He wouldn't let me sleep after cleaning up. His logic: "I'm done with sleep!" Hah!

Oh to be a child again, and on the other side of the fence.


Anu said...

"sleep's not over yet".Awww,how adorable can he get??????

Aparna said...

First of all thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :).

And oh this reminds me of many mornings when I wake up before others at home, try my best to get out of the bed and room to get to the kitchen and a few minutes of peace with my coffee only to have dear S toddling behind me with hands outstretched and that just woken up expression on his face... of course I have to go "OOOOh" and lift him up otherwise his dignity is very hurt :).

And poop schedule don't even get me started on it!! Let me also dispel the myth that girls are always great with it. Not the case!!

Forever mother said...

Dear Anu,
i transliterated i guess ;-)
But cute it is...

Dear Aparna,
You're welcome. We all need cheering...all teh time ;-)

And thanks for dispelling the myth of girl poop. I always like to belive I'm the victim of untold miseries.
And you can never say no to the morning hug, na? I would love it myself.

Garima said...

:-/ :-/ Vis the exact same way.....she is up and running way earlier on weekends.. and Sunday is generally the one night that she cant sleep well! Perfect!