Thursday, September 23, 2010

Travelling mom. Baby at home: any tips?

Girls, ladies, friends and mommy bloggers
Lend me your ears, and then your suggestions.

I need to travel next weekend on work. I was jolly excited, thinking a weekend off on the bahana of work was going to be great. Turns out I'll be away three nights and almost four days. Now that's long. And guilt is slowly gnawing into me.

The only time Sonny Boy has been away from me was the last time i travelled on work -- it was 24 hours, one noon to the next. Turned out decent. Grandpa and dad kept him adequately occupied. And I wasn't too far off. Could have driven back if the situation was out-of-control.

While I'm celebrating the business-and-pleasure trip, I can't help but worry about how the little fellow will manage... of course he'll be staying with his grandparents and father. Yet, my ego would like me to believe he can't really be happy without me :-) And I'm getting paranoid (like any mom does) wondering "What if..." This time round, there's no playschool on those days either. I'm worrying for my parents too. They might just get too exhausted. Ugh!

Last time around, I had told him I'm going to be away and that he'll have to sleep with grandpa and all that jazz. He did well, asking for me only in the morning while getting ready for playschool.

So now I'm asking any experienced working mom (or non-working) who's left baby behind for this kind of time when kid is aged two. PLEASE only tell me of positive experiences. And tell me if there are any tactics to keep his mind off me. I should be kind of preparing him, telling him I'll be away and all that right?
Just reassure me that he'll not even think of me coz he'll be busy playing or something.
Pleaaaaaaase, pretty please.

I'm a bit confused. Everyone I speak to asks in shock "You're leaving your baby and going?" I mean, I can't take him to the office overseas conference! And this time I can't rush back in a jiffy. I can speak for some time over the phone every day. Ooooh it's all sounding so bad now, now that I've put it down in print. Feeling like bad chee-chee mamma.

I will really appreciate help. Anyone who writes in gets virtual hugs, kisses and tons of thankful prayers.


Aparna said...

First of all, he’ll be FINE (I don’t know whether you’ll be though, ha ha ha).
I used to travel for a week every month starting from when my son was 15 months till he was around 2 and a quarter. He was fine every time (mom was there, as was husband and part-time nanny). I think as long as everyone has specific instructions on feeding, potty, medication etc etc it should be ok. Do leave a written list with them. Also I’d suggest buy a couple of small gifts for him – a new book, small toys etc – in case he gets antsy about missing mommy and throws a fit, they can have something fresh to distract him with. Maybe you can organize a couple of playdates in advance so that your parents get a breather? Or you could think of a couple of new places they could take him to e.g a new park or something? Just something to break the monotony and for novelty effect so that he doesn’t miss you much.
Just GO…..don’t worry about him………NO guilt please……it’s good for mommies to get some me-time, you know :))

Garima said...

Firstly super Jealous.. business cum pleasure trip sans kiddo... wow... four nights of complete sleep and no tossing and turnign and above all having the bed to your self!! Wow..
Now that's taken care of.. I cant help, since my work is hop skip and jump away and the only conferences I have is 10 minutes drive.
But, from what I know.. I think he will be perfect and waiting with open arms for you. One of my firends was going away for a week, she had prepared her daughter for this and had kept a bag in which for everyday good girl behaviour minus mama around, she got to pick out a gift for the Santa stocking stuffer... it was xmas time.
Both mom and daughter were perfect. And father was elated to actually spend time with the kid minus mama dictating how to spend good times!!!

Forever mother said...

Dear Aparna and Garima
Sorry guys, the week before i left was such a rush -- worked in adnace for all those days i wouldn't be there. So never replied to your comments. My apologies.
Garima, dont envy me too much ;-) This is the FIRST TIME EVER something like this came my way.
And yes, things were OK, thank God, while i was gone.