Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning SCARE: Red nasty rashes

Sonny Boy's mastered it all right. How to scare Mummy. Specially on Monday morning.

Woke up to Sonny scratching himself silly on his neck. And what's that? About 20 red rashes behind his ear. Ugh. Applied calamine. Some soothing. But largely no improvement.

Call. Get appointment with doctor. Not a pleasant or easy thing on a Monday morning - any parent will vouch for that. It's the day all sick kids are clustered around the doctor and you begin to believe all people did over the weekend was fall ill.

After Sonny's chicken pox scare, I didn't want to take any chances. First thought, in fact, was : can one have a relapse of  pox???

Doc coolly said it was an allergic reaction to mosquito bites! LIKE THAT??? I kept asking him.
Like the kind that can scare the hell out of you.

So we're back to antihistamine syrup and a cream. Looks like kids live off medication the first few years of their lives.

SO BE WARNED: Apparently these kinds of allergic reactions to mosquito bites happen among toddlers specially in winter/rainy months.

Been asked to keep Sonny indoors at mosquito parade time: how's that possible?
We use the plug-in repellent, keep windows closed most of the time, and he's mostly in jammies and full-sleeve Tees because he catches a cold easily.

How much more careful can i be? I've been asked to apply mosquito repellent cream if i'm taking him out in the evening! What torture for the child. Is it even safe to use frequently? Doc, of course, says yes. I have my own doubts.

God, why is it so difficult to get by a few days with no complications related to your child's health?


Garima said...

Wow.....i say, still get him checked to ensure its not a relapse...

hope the rash goes away soon... and I have my doubts for frequent use of the repellant

Forever mother said...

Hey Garima dear
Checked with Doc yesterday itself...after a few doses of anti-allergen syrup and corticosteroid cream, he's fine...Thanks a ton for the wishes ya. I'm allergic to repellents so I dont even want to try it with him!

Aparna said...

OMG.. Allergies and children.. don't worry - mosquito bite allergy can really look scary - this is really common in our family. People have given me looks like "Don't you look after your children?"!! cos a single bite can give multiple rashes and look as though we left them out as mosquito food :(.
It gets a bit better as they grow up - maybe they just get better at fending mosquitoes off :).