Thursday, May 27, 2010

I weep for the mango tree, and the neem

I weep for the mango tree, the neem, the eucalyptus -- three massive trees that have been cut down next door. All to make way for a college or school apparently.
The woodcutters razed down all three over three noisy days. One a day.
Methodically, mechanically something that's grown its roots organically into the earth and into the lives of people, animals and birds was heartlessly hacked to death.
It's disastrous...this mindless cutting down of trees.
I can't imagine why they can't keep the tree within the building plan -- build around it -- imagine students enjoying the shelter of the tree.

I feel naked, stripped of the cover the trees offered my window. Stripped of nature's sunglasses that protected me from harsh sunlight. Stripped of the privilege of waking up to birdsong. My little boy used to wake up and climb up the bedroom window to look at the birds, to see the leaves sway in the wind. Now, everytime he looks at the same bare yard, all he says is "Cut, cut, cut" with accompanying action.

As it is Bangalore is losing trees by the thousands to make way for roads and train-tracks.

Just a few days ago our road also lost three Flame of The Forest trees that had so become a part of our life, our walk, the shade while you waited...all lost to some hospital that thought its "look" was spoilt and blocked by the trees! It's appalling. I hope the hospital owners die one day of thirst. Curse them.

But it's also scarily ironical -- one day i may have to rush to the same hospital in an emergency or put my kid in that same school. What happens then?

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