Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mere paas maa hai


Was just wondering... we are much influenced by our Hindi cinema, its actors and dialogues.

We are from the land where "Mere paas maa hai" is a dialogue that says a thousand things in that one sentence. (It can't be translated into English. It's contextual and loaded with connotations. But roughly transliterated, when one says "What have you in life?" the answer is "I have a mother.")
It means so many complex things to so many people. So much can be read into it. It's so much a part of our psyche that it's used as an advertising pitch. If someone says that, they are saying a lot.

But the world of Hindi cinema, usages in language, our social structure are all so patriarchal, I was just wondering what would happen if we swap parent roles in Hindi film dialogue/everyday usage.

What would have been the impact if Shashi Kapoor had said in Deewar: "Mere paas baap hai"
What if people, when they ask in scorn said: "Tere maa ka road hai kya?" How come that sense of ownership comes as "Road tere baap ka hai kya?"

Or, if on Vijay's hands (again Deewar) were tattooed the words :"Meri maa chor hai" instead of "Mera baap chor hai". History would have changed.

I'm not really making sense am I? As i said, just some random thoughts.

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