Friday, June 11, 2010

Of vada pav and wine :-)

Yes, I'm back I'm back I'm back...after a VACATION!
Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee finally

The sun and sand have hopefully worked magic on my mind. (So also MIL's presence ...hahahahaha)
And it's with great back-to-school resistance that I've turned up at work today.

A vacation made of all vague things -- of burying my feet in sand, of drinking fruity vodka, of long walks to the beach in the sultry sun, of making new friends, of laughing at odd things, of biting into cold vada pav and sipping strong red wine while feeding S his dinner, of lots of therapeutic shopping, of LATE mornings spent sprawled in bed with dear S, and watching him suddenly pick up language like a pro. Of brushing teeth in the open backyard looking up at a ridiculous five-star hotel looming large from behind, of trying to read a book while S slept...

Of meals that did not have to be cooked and surprise meals that had to be cooked for the joint family.....oh it was so Hahaha maybe, but right now I'm just heady and giddy from the holdiay, so it can't all have been bad. ;-)

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