Thursday, June 24, 2010

How malls can lure you into buying what you don't need...


Yeah that's what i have always feared most. And it happened yesterday.

I avoid malls like i avoid visiting my mother-in-law (which is saying a lot ;-))
I usually buy at local small markets, specially vegetables and fruits, greens that are fresh and sold on the streets by hawkers. That way I avoid hybrids and stale food.

And even when I need clothes, jewellery, books, I do gully (street/lane) shopping or shop in my local shopping area.

Back to yesterday, I had to rush to this mall to pick up a book (a wedding gift for a going-away bride). It was 9, and most of my local stores would be shut. So there. And the husband decided he wanted to pick up some expensive cologne. Just like that!

He also decided he would buy a DVD of a movie I'd asked him to borrow from friends who have it! It was like 300 bucks. And it wasn't one of those MUST SEE movies either.

And my eyes were already going over to the toys section, looking for something to amuse Sonny Boy with. Bah!! How i hate myself, when i graze-shop -- you know like a cow slowly grazing grass i eat up all that i get around me.

I was peering down to see what other shops I could spot, and I found...more toy stores! And here I was thinking God! I want to bring the li'l one here and show him all this. I found a playpen too at the mall.

I'm feeling so miserable I've succumbed to the seduction. I've fought it so hard. But why is material temptaion such an easy crumbler of all resolves?

But i won half the battle -- persuaded him not to buy the DVD. But he bought the cologne, which i generously used today HAHAHAHa. Shameless me.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Very true... when u visit a mall, you invariably end up buying much more than actually needed and then u realize the existence of a bog hole in ur pocket...

but thats what the purpose of malls r.. isnt it??


Forever mother said...

Yes Smitha
Agreed...and that's what makes me miserble. That they succeed! And so easily too.
Thanks for dropping by and pitching in with your view