Monday, June 14, 2010

What do they put in chips and Maggi????!!!

I must confess my sin first. I love chips and Maggi. Yes, I do.

But what's in it that makes it so addictive for children? I mean, I thought for an adult like me it takes some time, some conditioning of the tastebuds, to actually develop a taste for such "comfort food".

I can't understand how, when I try to put healthy new foods into dear S's mouth, he'll always turn his face away. But the first time i showed him chips and Maggi, he was so willing to try it!! No reluctance to open mouth, no protest! And one try was enough to get him hooked. It's almost like there's an addictive substance that's added in it that makes kids keep going back to this kind of stuff.

Is it the mere sight of these foods that works on their psyche? Wow...I just don't get it.

I must take comfort in the fact that at least he says no to ketchup sometimes, I suppose!

And now it's come upon me to decide what to put in his little tiffin box at playhome (yes, yes, I have read innumerable articles about that) -- how you don't send junk, no chips, no Maggi. Send cut fruits, healthy vegetable pieces. Fat chance that my boy's going to eat that though...

Will definitely give it my healthiest shot. And like all good mammas, wait and watch. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Chips is no guessing gain : Deep fried and crunchy ...yum! The bonus can be the spice (like in the case of my toddler - even though I tell him they are hot he will continue to pop them in his mouth with tears rolling down his cheek).

Maggi: Keep it away! Hide it from him. MSG may be the culprit. I've had to do it with cheese doodles (cheeselings), noodles and any snack that is supposed to taste cheesy and bland.

Forever mother said...

Oh yeah I know what you mean. My boy's hooked to cheeselings too. Haha they're all the same I guess, these kids... and mine won't eat spice in subji but it's all ok in readymade food. Bah...frustrating na?

(Sorry for teh delay in replying. I'm very tech un-savvy and had a problem posting my own comments on my own blog! Hope I've fixed it now.)