Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Recipe for peanut curd/yoghurt...a vegan special

I didn't know this...that one can make peanut curd! I mean, peanut butter is a part of my life, so is peanut chutney and the famous masala peanuts etc. But this was like ....WOW. For me it was a fantastic prospect, and a "first". (Maybe vegans already know this...I haven't Googled it yet).

I'm just back from a very dramatic experience at a holistic retreat where I was on a completely no-oil diet (yes, it's possible to cook traditional Indian food completely without oil) and a vegan one at that (no dairy products whatsoever).

The Wise Woman taught me how to make it and I want to put it down for myself (and anyone else who wants to try) before I forget.

1. Soak raw peanuts overnight (try a small quanitty to figure out if it turns out right the first time).

2. Churn it in a mixie/blender with a little water (if the peanuts have soaked up all the water).

3. Strain it in a thin muslin cloth to get the peanut "milk ".

4. Heat the milk and when it's lukewarm (like how you set regular milk-curd), drop in a small piece of muslin in which is tied some cooked tamarind (setting agent). If you like you can add a spoon of regular dairy curd to set it (instead of tamarind), but it would defeat the point of the yoghurt being dairy-free then.

Psst: And it's supposed to set much faster than curd. I'm gonna try it some weekend. :-)

And i didn't know you can made tadka/oggarne/seasoning without oil. Just splutter the mustard/jeera directy in a heated pan. Season your pan well for a few days and you can make dosa/chila/pancakes without any oil.

But I must admit it was a very difficult transition to make and a phenomenal change to accept -- even if it was for a day or two. Our tastebuds so eaily absorb the joy of all things oily that I was mentally craving fat!!!!!

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