Monday, June 21, 2010

Coming away from a film...with nothing :-(

As much as i like to crib about motherhood, if there's one joy I like going back to, it's watching a movie at the theatre. Something I do so little of since my dear S was born. And something I like to crib about -- no movies in my life :-(
But it is (or rather was) also my baby -- films!! Sigh!

But, by quirk of fate I got a Saturday noon free (I work otherwise) so I finally saw "Rajneeti', voting to go for it, and not "Raavan", which is the latest release, and THE thing to see, considering it's Mani Ratnam. But a colleague whose opinion I trust, came back with an exasperated look after "Raavan". Non comprehendo, she said. So there. That decided it.

I'm not trying to review anything here, just some random thoughts.
"Rajneeti" was disappointing. So much so that i was wondering if it would have been better to be at another theatre watching Abhishek and Aishwarya instead!

"Rajneeti" was fast-paced to begin with, but it became such a cycle of predictable patterns, I would rather the director had called it "Love, Sex aur Dhoka". I mean seriously. There's lots of kissing, lots of sex, some love in between, and most of all, lots of dhoka. And it's a superficial skimming over of the wily world of politics. Ok at least Prkash Jha made a film on such a subject. Most others are busy with just candyfloss love stories. But this was a candyfloss political story.

I like it when I come out of theatre with the movie buzzing in my head, making me dizzy with thoughts and possibilities.

Anurag Kashyap's "Gulaal" was one such film. Rocked my brains. In fact it was a better and more complex, layered film on rajneeti (politics) than "Rajneeti" was. The characters (except the hero) were so well-etched in "Gulaal" and their stories so viciously twisted.

Ajay Devgan is one guy I love in such roles. Where his quiet mean look works. He can't be lover boy or comic hero, I strictly believe. But he was so so so much better off in Bhagat Singh. This was so disappointing, I dont even know what he was doing in "Rajneeti". I doubt even Ajay knew what he was doing there, but that's another thought.

I'm just upset that after having spent my precious few hours watching a movie (instead of spending it with Dear S like a good mamma)I came away so unsatiated.

Made up for it by taking Dear S to teh park, and running around with him so much my back still hurts!

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