Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Labouring away

Ayyoo! What a hectic killer day today is.

I haven't had time to crib. Hahaha, unbelievable as it may seem, the Queen of Cribbing hasn't the time, and is cribbing about the lack of time to crib. :-) Howzzaaat???

It's like huff, puff, breathe, slow, easy, huff puff...almost sounds like I'm in labour!! But work today has honestly been LABORIOUS. Breathless and frenetic. An assault on my laidback senses.

I'm feeling the pains and pangs, not of labour, but of work, but boy, am i reminded of it!!! I just want to get it over with, the way I did S's birth :-) How similar can the two processes be? One organic, one mundane? One, once in a lifetime and another that happens every day?

But such is life...always. You will find the mundane in the most beautiful sometimes. And almost always you will find something sublime in the mundane.

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