Monday, May 17, 2010

Life prosaic

i hate
watching the same nursery rhyme over and over again for 45 minutes
not getting to see my own bit of TV :-(
finding that when i do get the time and remote, there's nothing much to watch, only to surf
having my morning's paper trampled all over
having S wake up immediately after i do
having S banging on the bathroom door and wailing as if i'll never return
S always deciding to potty mid-meal!


lucy said...

hey hi there
me going thru d same phase yaar but do have patience ...b'coz ther's no other option..ha.ha

Forever mother said...

Thanks Lucy
It's always reassuring to know you're not the only tortured soul ;-)

Tanu Malaviya said...

watching tv has become a gift from heaven , i dont know when i will get. just to pacify my craving for watching tv, i do watch tv in mute mode with start movies or hbo with subtitles... what to do .. no other option..

Forever mother said...

Hi Tanu
Yes, it's a scene I can very well many parts-of-movies I've watched like that. (I never almost get to see a whole film.)

And i've done it often with Sonny Boy on my lap, getting leg cramps sitting like that for long!
So welcome to the club of TV-starved moms.