Friday, May 28, 2010

Second day at school

First day at school is what everyone talks about. I was too tired yesterday to think about that even. And, there was such a backlog of thoughts and processes in the mind. Moreover day one for the little one was smooth. We hardly stayed 20 minutes!

Day two? Was all cry cry cry :-(

Made me wonder if mine was the only un-social child around. The rest of them seemed to be having fun though some were as new as my darling.

For a few minutes, felt so guilty for putting him in a pre-pre-school setup (yes it exists). Maybe he's still tooo young for it (i can imagine some moms rolling their eyes in exasperation at me). But i want him to enjoy the company of kids his age.
Else he'll believe the world is full of only grandmas and grandpas :-)


meghna gandhi said...

read your blog and agree with every word you said
i too was feeling as guilty and had vowed not too send my son to school ever again
but now he enjoys school and is eagerly waiting for an end to his holidays

Forever mother said...

Hi Meghna

Thanks for dropping by and value your comments.
Yes, after I posted this, I've had a positive turn of events ...he seems to like his time at school. So there's hope for me and him :-)

(Sorry for the delay in replying. I'm very tech un-savvy and had a problem posting my own comments on my own blog! It's fixed now, I guess.)