Monday, May 17, 2010

Need a vacation-staycation

Need a vacation. A real long one. One from which i don't want to return. A vacation to nowhere will be good. But to take a vacation one needs leave.

And to get leave one needs others to come back from leave. That never really happens, does it?

So you wait and wait and wait endlessly dreaming of that dream vacation -- of quiet baches, or dew-soaked hillsides, or a rain-framed glass window overlooking rolling plantations, or hot bhajjis by a moon-lit river... or a cheese-making farm maybe? Anything...where I don't have to worry about tomorrow's breakfast, about stocking up on veggies and stuff. Any place where things just get done by themselves.

But then, i wouldn't want to come back :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey really dont know who ever you are, agree to whatever you say. Even i need vacation which never ends, but yes unfortunately even i have to return. So lets not regret for it and try to be happy without vacation

Forever mother said...

Yeah, I guess that's how we'll have to comfort ourselves right now. But let's be optimistic.
Cheers and thanks for sharing your view