Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bangalore's weather report reads all grey

Dreary, cloudy, life's all dowdy. Cloudy skies and cloudier minds. Drip drop drip drop wet wet wet. The grey of the clouds mirrored in the grey of my soul, my being. Give me some sunshine, don't give me rain. The pitter patter of raindrops more a tedious tantrum of the rain-gods than a childish rhyme. No romance to these rains. No love. No giddy-headed giggles on water-soaked lips. No filmy white dress to dance in the rain. No dance. Only rain. Only damp laundry. No space to dry out. Cold winds sweep the house, cold floors announce I'm home. Squishy squalour, my world's taken on a pallor. A smile breaks out, quick but striking, like a flash of lighting. The silver lining to the gloomy fluff of clouds.

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