Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A for akshee, B for blob in nose...T for tonsilitis

I'll never see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel will I? I mean, I'm forever groping around in the darkness of the tunnel, going around in circles and coming back right there.

If the whole of last week wasn't bad enough for Sunny Boy with the sniffles and the leaky drippy nose, now it's full-blown tonsillitis and a chest congestion. Why-o-why-o-why? The poor soul can barely swallow food. Won't eat much. Keeps sneezing and coughing . I want to really fly up in the sky and pull out dear Sun who's hibernating behind the clouds in Bangalore these days. I mean I haven't seen a bleaker week in my entire life in this city.

But, he's been a good boy and takes in some home remedies very willingly to ease the congestion.

And before I forget, I'm putting down all anyone can do to ease the child during such illness (I keep doing this putting down things for myself, because whenever i ask my mom what she did for me when i was a kid she says she just can't remember. And me being forgetful me, I haven't much hope). I also help anyone else struggling in a similar situation can make use of it and find some relief.

1. Give lots of warm fluids -- ganji/kanjee made of roasted rice and boiled with some daal give sustenance and strength. Is warm soup for the soul and is easy on a swollen throat. Add some veggie from squash family -- pumpkin (white or yellow), or doodhi/sorekai (bottlegourd). Cook it in the ganji and mash so nutrition goes down as masked (hopefully) as possible.
2. Warm water to drink. This must be a fairly cooled down version of water boiled with some turmeric, tulsi and ginger in it -- a light decoction. (Thought he would puke it out. But, as surprises go, he loved it!) Best thing first in the morning.
3. Steam inhalation. Easier said than done. My boy is never going to go through this even if i try conning him, tell him he's going to play with water and steam up the bathroom. That's the ONLY time he doesn't wan to play with water!
4. My friends do this often; I've tried it sometimes and it helps, but my brat just resists everything (so pls understand my frustration as i crib and weep over and over) -- apply some lukewarm milk with a a few strands of saffron as a thin film on chest and forehead. The "heat" of the saffron absorbs the congestion. (For adults we use a mix of ginger/turmeric but that would be too strong on a baby's skin).
5. Another alternative to No. 4 is strapping on a strip of cloth (this is only for the chest) in which you've rolled up some crushed garlic -- some pods with skin peeled and crushed. (I tried this on Sonny Boy, who promptly pulled off strip after much wailing). But if you have a very willing baby (like the rest of the world seems to have) please try it. It eases congestion/phlegm built up in the lungs.

All these are tried and tested grandma's cures used for generations in my or friend's families. Just be careful. Whatever you apply, never near the child's eyes. Best applied after they are fast asleep if they are the rather unwilling kind.

I'm just oh-so-depressed. Can't take leave from work because I have almost none (saving the few for the rest of the calendar year). Can't concentrate on work because I'm thinking of the poor dear. Can't sleep peacefully because I keep waking up when he struggles to breathe.
And just sad, sad sad :-(


Garima said...

Aww... higs.. hugs.. dont worry will pass! Its a phase.. I am noting all the remedies.. since my daughter and her cough congestion seem to be a part of life that I have accepted.
We tend to give her slight amount of haldi mixed in milk.. and have her head elevated at sleep time! but am feelign bad.. since I dont know any of these!
Will try the saffron one.. and will let you know.

Shanti said...

Thanks for the tips. You can also use drops of eucalyptus oil in the water while bathing the kid or apply little on his chest and also put few drops in a cloth or cotton and keep it near his nostrils while he is sleeping.

Forever mother said...

Hey Garima Thanks thanks thanks for the constant support and hugs. Really nice to have someone from across the globe who can hold your hand in such dire straits. Oh yeah haldi in milk is a good one. We make a more complex one for adults with more ingredients but i guess it's too strong for kids.

And Shanti thanks. I'd almost forgotten eucalyptus oil. There's this one more thing, which I also forgot to mention in the post. It's a green little tubelet of herbal oils to drop in hot water and inhale...can't remember name.
God! I'm gowing old. But thanks for your tip too...

Sonzie said...

Oh dear! I feel so sorry for you, but really, as all things bad, this too shall pass. You could also try giving the little one a tiny pinch of Sitopaladi Churna by Zandu in a little honey. Also flaxseed (aalshi/jawas) popped in a pan and crushed help relieve the phlegm.
In the meanwhile, do take care of your health dear.

Forever mother said...

Hey Sonzie, Sorry hadn't replied earlier. Was buzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee.

Thanks for your suggestions. Oh I've eaten so much Sitophaladi as a kid, I wonder how we forgot abt that when it came to Sonny Boy. Thanks. The suggestion is in time for his next bout of cold/cough that started off this morning. And I didnt know flaxseed worked for phlegm. Def will try. We make a chutney-powder of it at the in-laws. So will get a suppply.

And a big thanks for all the moral support Muah Muah :-)