Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Ten Commmandments...that my son has given me

1. You shall not tell me what to eat/drink, or when to eat/drink or for that matter, how to eat and drink what I want. I will eat noodles with my hand and soup with my fork. You shall also not tell me what I can't eat. If I want to eat the dirt off the floor, it's my will.

2. You shall not take me to the park when I want to stay home and play with the toys, and you shall not tell me to play with the toys when I want to watch my rhymes on TV.

3. You shall not decide what I will wear to the playschool. I will not wear a jacket even if it's cold because it hides the cars on my t-shirt. I shall try out at least three sets of dresses at morning rush hour before I decide the colour code for the day.

4. I know you work six days a week. But that does not mean you can rest on Sunday. It's the day I poop most and decide not to have lunch. It's a holiday. I shall give eating a break. You shall not nap in the afternoon because it's the one day i get to see you at that time. You shall scream, roll on the floor with me, growl, and be my fellow-lion at the zoo. And yes, I'll have the privilege of giving you with a pretend-hairwash.

5. You shall not covet my Maggi, my ketchup or my chocolates, my story books, my chips and my grandfather.

6. You shall listen to my babbling for 45 minutes every night before bedtime, even if you are ready to snore. You shall not pretend to listen and catch a few winks...I'll catch you at that game any day.

7. You shall not interrupt the interesting conversations and games that grandpa and me share. I shall scream my head off if you dare do so. But you shall allow me the privilege of being part of every conversation you and daddy have, sitting in between you both and occassionally giving your conversation a much-needed break with my rhymes.

8. You shall hand over all your jewellery to me as soon as you return from work. First I will try them on, then I will play with them, rub them on the floor to see what happens to them etc. I shall try to pierce you with the earrings and use your necklaces as whips.

9. You shall not hug, nay, not even touch daddy or grandpa or grandma. You are mine entirely. You shall not hug my cousins or the neighbour's kids. Or anybody else. You're mine.

10. You shall accept me with all my tantrums, smiles, hugs, kisses, stubbornness, screaming crying, gooey nose just as I have accepted you with your temper, spanking, smiles, cuddles, dirty scary stares and pampering.


GNSD said...

Haha... the number three is hilarious... :-)
Dont they always figure it out early.. that they can play us by there fingers!
I did the biggest mistakes.. teaching V the colors by showing her different dresses.. so now.. she tells me.. I want Blue dress.. no no.. Pink dress... hmmm how about.. Green one!

Forever mother said...

Oh yes yes yes...all the way.

We mostly get caught in the webs we create around them.

I hate-love it when, ater a bath, he stands naked on the bed and dramatically screams "don't want" for every t-shirt i show him. If he doesnt like it and i still force him to wear it, he'll just pull it off!

They realise i guess that they can have your attention longer this way.

Sharmila said...

Oh gosh - you have so beatifully framed it. I just loved every word and remembered my little angel's acts ! Nice

Forever mother said...

Hi Sharmila
Thanks :-), thanks a ton. Hope your little angel is now grown up and giving you new ideas to add to the list. ;-)

Smita said...

God!! Your son sounds quite like mine ;-)
My little boy is majorly fashion conscious... tries and chooses his clothes; hides behind pillars to try dresses in the stores because nobody takes him to the trial room; wants me to wear his choice of nailpaint (dark blue; bright pinks; green... anything whacky basically)... wants me to be around whenever he isn't too busy with his grandparents and when I am at my busiest... drives me crazy before school by refusing to eat/drink milk or even sit still...

All in all, he is quite a bundle of energy and a 24*7 entertainment package :)

Loved going through your blog.


Forever mother said...

Hey Smita
Thanks :-)
Kids really seem to start early with their fashion consciousness these days. My niece tells my sis to "dress up like other hep mothers" while she is rather traditional.
I'm just not looking forward to be told what to do by my son, but he's already getting there. He hates me in my nightclothes!! Hahaha

So cheers and here's to many more trials with motherhood :-)

Jayadeep(JDP) said...

That list sounds very familiar - especially #9