Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Five things you must know about raising boys

1. Boys will be boys. Never have doubts about that. They're not in any frame of mind to break gender stereotypes (as much as we want them to). In the middle of the story you're patiently telling them about the princess who broke free and ran toward an independent life, they will start a car race with their Hot Wheels.

2. Boys being boys (and on their quick way to being men), will be obsessed with their wee-wee, playing with it endlessly, commenting and laughing about it, and giving it a new nick-name every other day.

3. And with their wee-wee mentioned, their pee-pee/soo-soo can't be far behind. Boys love to pee. Specially when not in the bathroom/toilet. They love to pee most when they're fast asleep. So beginner mammas, be ready for lots and lots of diaper leaks. Specially from the front-top. Yeah, that's where the shot is always aimed at at night, however much you "position" it when you strap on a diaper. And most diapers available in India do not have boy-specific diapers (with extra padding in front).

4. Till they grow up to be daddy's friends, YOU will be their best friends mommy dears. And as best friend, you get the privilege of feeding and bathing them, getting puked on, putting them to bed, cleaning the poop, carrying them around. You will be the one they'll cling to in unfamiliar crowds. Have you every heard him scream "Daddy?" in emergency situations? Like when he's held his hand over a candle flame to see how it feel? It's always "Mummy", isn't it?!

5. They start really young with giving themselves importance, going about thumping their chest and claiming things as "mine". There will be fist fights, there will be kicking and screaming over the same red car the other boy wants, there will be much boasting and seeking of applause for things others seem to do so naturally and as part of their everyday life. In other words, you have another man in the house.

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