Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She said, he said...

Act 1 Scene 1
She said: (Enthusiastically) Let's figure out logistics for our li'l boy's birthday!! We barely have a month...
He said: (Trying to start the TV, fiddling with the remote) Hmmm. Ya ya, let's do that.
She said: So what do you think? A few relatives and lots of friends? That'll be good? Or we separate the two crowds so we have enough time for all...
He said: (Looking slightly-open mouthed at TV) Ya ya, we can call everybody.
She said: Shall I says we'll have about 200 people over?
He said: (Eyebrows raised high and for a minute paying complete attention) 200??!!!
She said: Ya...that's what the guest list will look like when we put together your relatives, mine and our common friends.
He said: (Absorbed in his TV again) Ok!
She said: Shall we make the guest list first, so we know for sure how many people, before fixing the venue?
He said: (Looking more distant than ever before, and wanting the Earth to open up and gobble him) Ya sure, let's do it... but don't you have to clear up after dinner? Let's do it once you're done.
She said: (A nasty glare followed by footsteps into the kitchen and noisy stowing away of pots and pans)

Act 1 Scene 2
She said: (Rather terse and businesslike) So shall we get down to making the list?
He said: (With zombie eyes from continuous TV watching and no blinking) Hmm? Ya, sure. Why don't you get a paper and pen?
She said: (With fire in her eyes) Can't you even get up to get those?
He said: (Still looking at the TV) I'll mail you my list from office tomorrow. Anyway, your list will be longer...
She goes to the room and softly bangs the door behind her (or the li'l one will wake).


GNSD said...

The feminist and the planner in me rises... I used to get very similar responses from SD... I do the following..
Make the list, the details of menu etc.. and yes Excel is my next best friend.
THen I sit wtih SD and add/ subtract..
Mind you.. after the first tiem I did it, he got it.. and now the remote goes down.. and he pays attention.. else... there will be a lot moer people, a lot more gifts and a lot more moolah spent! hehe!

Forever mother said...

Congrats that such strategy did work for you.
My incorrigible man has looked past such strategies into the TV time and again.
He'll very kindly allow me to do all the "boring" (and according to him unnecessarily detailed)groundwork and jump in at the last moment to make changes.